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Mók was alone in the forest when he heard the strange sounds. Leaping from rock to rock he peered down on an amazing scene below him. Two strangely clad demons danced and capered around a fire chanting and summoning powerful magic. Mók had seen the demons before, they had come deep into the forest and destroyed many trees with their magic and their spells. Each year more and more demons appeared and Mók knew that they threatened his family and his tribe. He watched as they fed themselves with strange foods and listened as they began their unholy wailing again. "Ol Mik-DOhnahld haad a faaarm, Eyiiie-Eyiiie-Yeooooowwwwww...." surely here was powerful magic being made and Mók knew that he had to stop it before the demons could destroy his home and his lands. Mók made his decision and sprang down from the rocks above. Swinging his flint war axe with his massive arms, he slew the male demon while he was about to eat some more of the strange demon-food. The spindly female demon lept upon their strange beast screaming wildy and tried to escape Mók's stony war axe. Mók killed her with a mighty blow and then he slew the strange snorting beast that she had tried to escape on. It snorted and bleated and he cracked his best stone axe on its head, but nonetheless it died and made a terrible death rattle. Smoke poured from its dead nostrils, the demonic fires within now cooled and subsided. Mók buried the pale spindly looking demons in the deep forest and covered the hideous corpse of the beast the demons rode with bracken and brush. He took the trophies of his victories and returned home that evening from his battle in the forest. Later that night Mók sat with his family in their cave and retold the story of the forest demons. He showed the tribe his magic trophies and then sat down to eat the demon's food. Mók knew that by eating the demon's food he too would come to posses the powers of the demons! He would become more than Mók, he would become..... !! Mók the Mighty !!